Hand Carry

Hand Carry Services for the Life Sciences Community

Clinical Trials. Medical Therapies. Research Samples.

Our Hand Carry / On-Board Courier service is often utilized by members of the life sciences, drug and therapy development communities. We also participate in clinical trials and ensure that samples are moved quickly and safely domestically and internationally.


For the life sciences and research community, we offer a variety of temperature controlled shipping solutions: warm, ambient, cool, cold, frozen and cryogenic. Many of our customers require dry ice and cryogenic temperatures – we can work with both. For the cryogenic temperature needs, we have a high quality line of dry shippers that are validated regularly to ensure safety and reliability.

A primary focus of ours is on cryogenic shipments. Using our shippers for cryogenic state shipments helps to substantially reduce the risk of self degradation due to temperature fluctuations. In fact, temperature fluctuations are almost entirely eliminated. We can move cell lines, drug therapy treatments, skin samples, mouse sperm and any other biomaterials at constant temperatures of about -190 Celsius.


CryoSend staff are familiar with and strive to follow GDP (Good Distribution Practices) practices and principles as set out by various government and organizational bodies around the world. We ensure that all samples handled by us are treated with the utmost care and attention to ensure that they will arrive at their destination safely and securely.

Our cryogenic shippers and other equipment is validated regularly to ensure safety and reliability. We also have data loggers available so that you can have a complete record of each shipment and confidence in your cold-chain and our services.

Lead-time: We can do emergency and scheduled shipments.

Paperwork: We will assist as much as possible with paperwork to ensure a smooth process. Our experience can help us to determine the real needs for various destinations.

Insurance: Clients are responsible for their own insurance coverage for any shipments carried out by us.

Communication: We will communicate throughout the project with the designated individuals.

Biomaterials we ship include

  • Blood samples
  • Medical samples
  • DNA samples
  • stem cells
  • iPS cells
  • IVF samples
  • embryos
  • CAR-T cells
  • Clinical trials
  • sperm
  • Skin samples
  • eggs