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IVF Couriers, IVF transport & Hand Carry Services for the IVF and Life Sciences Community

CryoSend IVF Couriers offer a professional and comprehensive global Hand Carry service dedicated to the IVF and life sciences community. Our On-Board Couriers support the IVF human reproductive healthcare and the life sciences research and medical communities by offering safe and reliable transport solutions in a variety of temperature states – with a focus on deep-frozen and cryogenic needs.






Our Hand Carry services are used by IVF clinics and patients, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, hospitals, clinics, universities, research labs, the animal health industry, CROs and consumer goods manufacturers.

About Us

IVF Hand Carry Service

Cryosend IVF Transport & Shipping experts safely move human embryos, sperm and eggs for IVF clinics and patients domestically and internationally via our personalized IVF Courier Hand Carry service and our Coordinated IVF Shipping option. Whether it be for surrogacy or egg/sperm donation services, we can help to move your IVF samples from lab to lab safely.

Hand Carry for the Life Sciences Community

CryoSend On-Board Couriers move biomaterials for the life sciences community – including research labs, CROs, drug and biotechnology companies. For clinical trials, we help make sure that blood samples and drug treatments are moved safely and quickly from lab to patient and patient to lab. We move life-saving drug therapies that need extra attention and care. Our services can also be used to move lab samples and therapies to more challenging locations around the globe.

Making temperature sensitive shipping easy

  • Smooth Process: We will help to coordinate all aspects of the shipment to ensure a convenient and stress-free process.
  • Temperature Control: CryoSend will work to ensure that all shipments maintain the appropriate temperature stability that is required, whether it be with dry shippers, dry ice or other temperature ranges.
  • Best-in-Class Equipment: We use only high quality shippers and containers to help ensure shipment integrity and safety. For cryogenic shipments, our shippers will maintain cryogenic temperatures for up to 14 days.
  • Validated Equipped: Our equipment is validated regularly to ensure performance and enhanced confidence in our cold-chain services.
  • Temperature Management: Our cryogenic and non-cryogenic shippers can be equipped with data-loggers to monitor temperatures during transit.
  • Experienced Staff and Partners: CryoSend staff and our partners are experienced in handling cryogenic and other temperature sensitive biomaterials.