About guidance on transportation and storage services of frozen fertilized eggs.
About guidance on transportation and storage services of frozen fertilized eggs. Every year, the number of frozen fertilized eggs etc. is increasing for reproductive medicine both domestically and abroad. There are two main reasons behind it. ① Because the method of freezing and melting fertilized eggs was unified in various countries around the world, it became easy to change the clinic. (Domestic: Moving due to work relocation etc.) ② Currently, in order to provide surrogate birth, eggs and sperm, which are not recognized in Japan, patients who have undergone infertility treatment for many years have changed their treatment destinations overseas. Considering that it becomes increasingly borderless environment, it can be easily assumed that the number of shipping increases. On the other hand, major delivery companies do not deal with these special specimens, so it is true that some domestic medical institutions can not introduce transportation methods. However, CryoSend (Cryosend) is transporting such specimens to all over the world for about 10 years to date, and I would like to introduce the transportation method. 0. Shipping container When transporting frozen fertilized eggs, we will transport by utilizing a special tank called dry sipper. The dry shipper is a special tank which can hold a temperature environment of about minus 190 degrees for about 2 weeks by filling liquid nitrogen inside. In case of transportation outside the country, this tank can be brought to the aircraft cabin under the special provisions of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Therefore, it is possible to realize transportation to various countries around the world, and even if exceeding initially assumed transport time such as traffic congestion, aircraft delay, etc., it is safe to deliver without adversely affecting important samples I can do it. 凍結受精卵 Reference drawing Air Liquide Co., Ltd. dry sipper (height: about 40 cm, weight: about 4 kg (at the time of liquid nitrogen filling)) 1. Safe and safe hand carry transport Hand carry services employs a method of storing samples in dry shipper as described in “0. Transport container” and the staff of CryoSend (cryosend) utilizes traveling means such as small vehicles, aircraft, part, train etc. , It is an order-made transportation method that carries out collection / delivery by one person. Therefore, unlike a major delivery company, we do not transport packages loaded on large truck bedstocks, so it is the best transportation method to carry valuable specimens such as frozen fertilized eggs, eggs and sperm I will. The staff in charge of transport receives training of general cargo transportation and dangerous goods transportation of IATA, and staff familiar with adjustments at major airports such as USA, Europe, Asia · Oceania, Middle East, Africa as well as in Japan I will do. 2. Temperature monitoring The dry shipper can keep cryogenic temperature for a certain period (about 2 weeks) unless you open the lid. Of course, in all dry shippers of CryoSend (Cryosend) we have verified in advance the validity of whether it satisfies the storage period provided by the manufacturer, transported by utilizing tanks meeting various conditions It is. However, according to customer’s request, you can monitor the temperature at the time of transportation, you can also disclose or deliver temperature monitoring data after transportation is complete. 温度モニタリング Reference diagram Temperature monitoring (Japan – UK transport) 3. Storage of frozen samples (human / animal-derived samples, etc.) CryoSend (cryosend) also offers a service to store and keep freezing samples for a certain period of time so that we can respond to customer’s needs as below. ① The expiration date of the frozen fertilized egg stored in the clinic is over but I do not want to pay the annual storage cost on the premise of transportation. ② Because the laboratory is not ready for freezing specimens due to lab movements, we are looking for a place to store for several days. ③ I want to transport a certain amount of frozen specimens to the same facility every month, but can not respond to laboratory specimens every time they come. The storage facility holds not only a small dry sipper used for hand carry transportation but also a large frozen storage container so it can handle a vast amount of specimens sufficiently.